Project Description
Hand.js: a polyfill for supporting pointer events on every browser

Starting in September 2012, Microsoft proposed a specification for unifying touch, pen and mouse events called pointer events.

Currently this specification is a…draft :). So modern browsers are not supporting it right now. Only Internet Explorer 10 & 11 (obviously !) support it through vendor prefixes.

Hand.js is a polyfill that will allow you to write your code about touch only once even if the browser does not support pointer events.

Write once, use it everywhere! Don't bother with mouse and touch events. Pointer events are here for you.

You can find a test page right here:

Hand.js supports the following;
  • Works on IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • Support for:
    • pointerdown
    • pointermove
    • pointerup
    • pointercancel
    • pointerenter
    • pointerleave
    • pointerout
    • pointerover
  • Fallback to mouse
  • CSS analysis to support touch-action:none (can be disabled with HANDJS.doNotProcessCSS = true; )
  • Seamless integration into your pages

You can also find a complete blog about hand.js:

Another article about pointer events and hand.js:

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